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Collingham residents unable to reach the village after the River Trent and The Fleet floods affected Northcroft Lane and Carlton Ferry Lane

Residents have been left trapped in their homes after a road collapsed in the floods.

Carlton Ferry Lane in Collingham collapsed for a second time in two years, yesterday (October 23).

Three households in the area are now unable to reach the village as the River Trent and The Fleet have flooded.

Road collapsed on Carlton Ferry Lane, Collingham
Road collapsed on Carlton Ferry Lane, Collingham

Floods affected the country road in February 2021, in which the residents were stranded at home for three weeks due to the water levels.

Residents have said that it took the county council planning team six months to repair the road and yet it collapsed again.

“This is a nightmare, they came to fix it and took a long time and it is still wrong,” said one resident, Valerie Clarke.

“We are annoyed because we tried to tell them how powerful the water is here but they didn’t listen and now it happened again.

“We can’t get to the village because water is still coming over, the river has flooded through the main access and the fleet in the back, we are physically stuck.”

The Fleet flood has affected Northcroft Lane while rising levels of the River Trent affected Carlton Ferry Lane.

Nottinghamshire County Council emergency planning team has been in touch with the residents to make sure they had enough food, heating and medication.

The residents are waiting for a date as to when the works will start and finish and are hopeful that the water levels will go down so that they can reach the village.

Nottinghamshire County Council has been approached for a comment.

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