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Reader's letter: Respect women's right to choose

I can understand why H. Jowett would be upset by the findings of the Society for the Prevention of Unborn Children’s recent survey on the new guidelines on medical abortions (Make Your Concerns Heard, News Views, March 25).

The results were presented in such a way to do just that.

It is worth pointing out that the SPUC is against women’s rights to choose.

Perhaps H. Jowett might consider an alternative viewpoint on the new measures, especially on the matter of coercion?

Katherine O’Brien, of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, stated in the Guardian, February 18: ‘For women who are in challenging circumstances, which may restrict their ability to attend a clinic, such as women who are in an abusive or controlling relationship, this service has proved a lifeline. By allowing women to receive medication by post, it also protects women from having to face anti-abortion clinic protesters, who will no doubt be hoping that telemedicine is revoked so that they can harass and intimidate as many women as possible.’

No woman makes the decision to have an abortion lightly.

For those who feel there is no alternative, the least society can do is respect that decision and support their right to access healthcare. ­— JEN BRANSTON, Newark.

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