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Newark Advertiser reader letters: Restrictions are needed on knives

Regarding the story Review of Policing Ordered Into The Case Of Triple Killer (Advertiser, February 8) the victims’ families need justice.

Valdo Calocane took their lives away and their futures.

Why on earth was that so-called man left to walk the streets when he was obviously a danger to everyone.


It is sending out the wrong message.

They are playing on his mental health, but why did this person killer in the first place? Did he plan it?

He should be in prison so the families can see justice.

And with regard to knives, put a licence on them, like guns.

Be made to register them when buying them and have them locked in a closed cupboard, like cigarettes and fireworks.

And put an age restriction on licences.

We need to change how we get hold of them.

No licence, no knife. — J. Moffatt, Newark.

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