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Reader's letter: Role of monarchy is crucial

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With the Queen’s platinum jubilee I am reminded of all that she has done for us.

The monarchy is not about one family having immense privilege. It’s not a question of do we like the Queen or do we like, or perhaps dislike, some other royal. It’s not about does the Royal family have too much wealth.

The monarchy is about preventing any one person from getting absolute power.

Letters. (30235480)
Letters. (30235480)

It’s also about guaranteeing everyone’s rights and freedoms such as freedom of speech and freedom of worship.

There are so many pitfalls that can befall a country.

The thing to avoid is allowing total power to pass into the hands of one person.

The British monarchy is the one system in the world that best guarantees a single person cannot gain total power.

It’s been fine-tuned for 1,000 years, since William The Conqueror.

If you think you would be better off without the monarchy, try to envisage a system that guarantees you all the freedoms you currently enjoy.

A republic is not such a system. The world is full of republics where I would not like to live. Once a republic gets the wrong leader there is very little the population can do about it.

If you think that too much wealth is in the hands of the monarchy check out the immense wealth in the hands of the Russian oligarchs. You won’t stop some people becoming very wealthy by getting rid of the monarchy.

As well as being head-of-state the monarch is also defender of the faith and protects your right to hold whatever faith you like and worship however you like.

She also protects all your freedoms such as freedom of speech.

The Queen is also our best trade ambassador. She entertains heads of state and top officials and paves the way for British trade. Between this and the tourists the monarchy attracts, the monarchy brings in far more than it costs the country.

The Queen has done far more for this country than any other person ever. ­ R. BEARDSMORE, Farndon.

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