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A runner from Claypole has completed the London, New York, Boston, Chicago, Berlin and Tokyo Marathon.

By Connor Thompson

Margaret Hogarth joined an elite list of runners after finishing the Tokyo Marathon.

Hogarth, 52, completed the Tokyo 26.2 mile race and upon crossing the finish line, achieved a feat only done by a select few as it saw her complete the World Major Marathon series.

The major marathons are made up of the world’s most anticipated runs ­— London, New York, Boston, Chicago, Berlin and Tokyo.

Margaret was given her six star medal and Tokyo Finisher medal.
Margaret was given her six star medal and Tokyo Finisher medal.

However, when the Claypole resident started running 15 years ago, her ambitions were to conquer the London Marathon, nothing more, nothing less ­— and completing the world’s six major marathons was something she had never dreamed of doing.

“My first was London in 2004,” she said. “I didn’t think about anything past that. London was an achievement in itself.

“I had only ever ran five miles before the London Marathon so after finishing that I had a couple of years of not running because I thought, I’ve done it now, and that’s all I had set out to do.”

A couple of years later, and with her run-loving partner Ian Hogarth ­— who completed five of the six marathons with her ­— she set out to do the New York marathon.

The Chicago marathon followed, and the trilogy of America’s most renowned courses was wrapped up in Boston in 2013, where disaster struck.

The Middlesbrough native said she had trained hard for the event, but 19 miles round the course she pulled up with a muscle injury, meaning she walked the remainder of the course at a slower pace.

The couple had expected to finish between four hours five minutes and four hours 15 minutes, which would have placed them at the finish line bomb blasts, which happened at four hours nine minutes.

“We were close to the finish line when the bomb went off,” she said. “We were invited back to complete the run and we were both determined to finish it.

“I wouldn’t say there were any fears about going back.”

The fifth marathon was completed in Berlin, Germany in September, 2014, and Hogarth left a five-year gap between the former and Tokyo ­— her final leg of the six marathons, which she finished in 03-54-57.

“Tokyo was different because Ian was injured and I had to run it alone,” she said.

“It was tough for him, but he always knew I was going to do it and he put on a brave face.”

Hogarth said she had no future plans for marathon running without her partner, but still loves the thrill of runs and the joy of working towards an end goal.

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