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Satellites tracks school routes


Pupils created a picture of their school by mapping their routes around the site with global positioning system devices.

GCSE art students at the Minster School, Southwell, worked with Southwell Artspace co-ordinator Miss Frances Ashton and GPS artist Mr Jeremy Wood from Oxford.

The pupils toured the school in pairs.

The GPS devices, provided by Mr Wood, were linked to a satellite that tracked the pupils’ routes and displayed them as lines on a computer screen.

The various routes were combined to form one image tracing the outline of the school buildings, playing fields and carparks and incorporating shapes the students drew out on the school field.

Miss Ashton said they planned to make a large copy of the image the students had created that could be displayed in the school.

Pupil Pearl Boyden (15) said: “It was like walking around with a pencil behind you.

“As we walked we could see on the handsets what shapes we were making.”

Anna Jackson (15) said: “We were allowed to walk wherever we liked so we went up to the end of the carparks and around the back of the building where we don’t normally go.

“It was a good way to get to know the school building.”

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