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Magnus Church of England Academy, Newark, celebrates journey made possible with hope

The importance of hope in the journey of Magnus Church of England Academy, Newark, over the past three years was highlighted by the head, Mrs Anna Martin, at the annual prizegiving.

In her opening address she quoted verses from the Bible about hope sustaining a prisoner.

“It reminds us that, as Christians, we always have hope no matter what difficulties we might be facing,” she said.

WINNERS at the Magnus Church of England Academy, Newark, prize-giving ceremony. The theme of the awards was hope.
WINNERS at the Magnus Church of England Academy, Newark, prize-giving ceremony. The theme of the awards was hope.

Mrs Martin said the theme of the awards was hope.

“When I joined Magnus Academy three years ago the school was facing a complex set of challenges,” she said.

“Results were stagnant, students were being bussed out of the town, Newark Academy was having a new building, a free school was on the horizon and an inspection was pending.

“Due to falling student numbers, increased pressure on budgets and the capacity generated by the free school, many in the community believed that our situation was hopeless; that the best option would be to close the Magnus.

“I say this today not to make a political statement about education in the town, but in order to illustrate the importance of hope and the role it has played in our journey.

“Because, despite the numerous challenges that the school faced, three years I also encountered a school community full of hope. Hope in themselves, hope in the students, hope in the community and hope for a brighter future for this school.

“Today we see the realisation of that hope, not only in our recent good Oftsed report, but in the multitude of things that take place daily to make Magnus a special place to work and to learn.”

The prizegiving afternoon began and ended with music from the Magnus Swing Band, and there was a performance by the school’s Rock Challenge runners-up. There were also presentations by Katy Stafford and Ellie Middleton, Faith Middleton, Teagan Golland-Wileman and Elora Brailsford, and Leonie Pegg. The vote of thanks was given by Bailey Ireland and Georgia Furmidge.

Awards, values, year seven, determination: Shay Chambers-Asman; integrity: India Wharton; ambition: Elita Coggan; humility: Grace Reynolds; compassion: Lexus Dixon; 100% attendance: Shelby-Leigh Barlow, Elita Coggan, Cameron Cook, Cassie-Anne Glaves, Kea Hall, Rebekah Hough, Tara Kirkham, Leah Mccleod, Faith Middleton, Esme Potter, Evie Richards, Rhys Sargent, Kieran Taylor, Megan Webb, Alan Wilkinson; avid reader: Eva-May Doyle; top ichoose points: Elita Coggan, Kieran Tayor.

Year eight, determination: Natha-niel Hall; integrity: Taylor-Mai Drewery; ambition: Jamie Smedley; humility: Kayleigh Fairclough; compassion: Layla Burrows; 100% attendance: Evie Dolby, Kayleigh Fairclough, Connor Ross, Ben Shaw, Wadani Thompson, Gabriela Zaharia; avid reader: Toby White; top ichoose points: Gabriela Zaharia, Dalton Miller.

Year nine, determination: Harry White; integrity: Katy Stafford; ambition: Amy Sullivan; humility: Evie Francis; compassion: Ellie Middleton; 100% attendance: Amy Jenkinson, Denisa Murariu, Charlotte Rainbow, Kian Reed, Abby Scot, Mia Scot, Katy Stafford, Toby White; avid reader: Leo Harness; top ichoose points: Mia Scot, Leo Harness.

Year ten, determination: Kelsey Chambers-Asman; integrity: Ben Clarke; ambition: Aamod Bashyal ; humility: Mackenzie Wilkinson; compassion: Amy Kirkham; 100% attendance: Cristian Buti, Ben Clarke, Katie Dawes, Ignacio Escolano, Jak Green, Amy Kirkham, Lisa Morley, Noah Potter, Eve Roddis, Matthew Scott, Alexandra Tomanek;top ichoose points Daria Murariu, Aamod Bashyal.

Year 12, determination: Freya Pickering; integrity: Georgia Furmidge; ambition: Cameron Dobson; humility: Alicia Priestley; compassion: Kai Green; 100% attendance, Tia Jermyn.

Subject awards for 2018-19, art: Clara Moshari; business studies: Aamod Bashyal; computer science: Wiktor Zielinski; CPLD: Aaliyah-Louise Lloyd; drama: Matthew Scott; engineering: Bailey Doyle; English: Migle Jurgeleviciute; food: Blake Townsend; foundation learning: Sharelle Neal; French: Ryan Tilford; geography: Ben Clarke; history: Mark Ponder; maths: Alexandra Tomanek; music: Clara Moshari; religious education: Izzy Loveday; science: Clara Moshari; Spanish: Ben Clarke; technology: Alex Asher.

Special awards, sportsman: Theo Williams; sportswoman: Alexandra Tomanek; Julie Gwinnearth memorial performing arts award: Ellie Middleton, Katy Stafford; character: Migle Jurgeleviciute; excellence: Mark Ponder; community: Tommy James, Olly Royle; alumni: Katie White; Sir Andrew Pulford award for excellence: Clarice Dixon.

Sporting sucess, 15-mile challenge, elite winners: Shay Chambers-Asman, Jake Toulson, Joseph Walker, Kyle-Lee Blackburn, Toby B White, Brooke Woolley, Ignacio Escolano, Josh Burkitt; Kesley Chambers-Asman, Alex Tomanek, Daria Murariu, Elijah Bamford, Ben Clarke, Aaron Munro, Oliver Clarke, Ethan Sullivan, Dominic Harris, Connor Marshall, Jakub Sieradzk, George Bryan; best performer: Ben Clarke, Aaron Munro; determination: Ricardo Perieira; ambition: Daria Murariu.

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