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Secure future for day centre


Users and staff of a Bingham day centre have been assured that the service is not under threat.

Nottinghamshire County Council has confirmed Moorlands Day Centre is not included in a review currently taking place of day centres attached to care homes.

Miss Julie Cuthbert, a spokesman for Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “There are no plans to close the day centre and we want to reassure the service users and staff.”

Moorlands Day Centre was built using £275,000 left by a former Moorlands Nursing Home resident, Miss Phyllis Salmon, in her will.

Fears were raised for the centre’s future at a Bingham Town Council committee meeting two weeks ago.

At the same meeting, members claimed Miss Salmon left the money specifically for community use and called for it to be made available for the community when not being used as a day centre.

They also questioned how much the centre was used and expressed concern that it was being used by people from outside the town.

The town council has since revisited the will and confirmed the money was intended to build a day care centre for the people of Bingham.

The centre’s manager, Mrs Lorraine Poundall, said there seemed to be different interpretations of the will, but the centre was a vital part of users’ lives.

There are around 20 places at Moorlands Day Centre, which is used from 8.45am-5.30pm in the week.

Centre users practise daily life skills such as cooking, as well as play interactive games and make arts and crafts.

Meals are also made for them and they can book hairdressing and chiropody appointments.

Mrs Poundall said: “It’s a purpose built day centre for older people. It is a beautiful centre for its use.

“It worries the users because they do not know what will happen. Some people say it is their lifeline.”

Mr Dennis Siles (88) of Harrison Court, Bingham, lives on his own and goes to the centre three times a week.

He said: “With the thought of it closing, I have been very worried.

“I was wondering what I would do if this place closed or was used for something else that I couldn’t take part in. I would be lost.”

Mrs Grace Hatton (90) of Shelford Drive, Bingham, has attended the centre three days a week for eight years.

She said: “They are the best days of the week. When you’re on you own it’s not very nice.

“We get to meet people, play games and exercise — all kinds of things.

“I can’t go without it and I do not like anybody else using it, I think too much of it.”

People travel from across the area to use the facility.

Miss Cuthbert said it would be impractical for the county council to provide day care facilities in every village.

Miss Cuthbert said, at a meeting in 2006, the town council was given the chance to use the building for the community when it was not being used as a day centre.

She said the county council was still waiting for a response from the town council.

Mrs Poundall said if councillors had issues with the users of the centre, they could contact her and go to see the services that they benefit from at the day centre.

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