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Vectare bus service 90 from Nottingham to Fernwood cancelled after striking a wall at Newark Bus Station on Lombard Street

Two windows of a bus were smashed when it struck a brick wall while leaving Newark Bus Station.

The incident happened yesterday (May 16) at around 7.42pm involving the Vectare 90 bus, travelling from Nottingham to Fernwood.

Two near side windows were broken and glass was scattered over seats and the floor.

There were no injuries as there were only two passengers on board and both were sitting away from the damage.

Vectare 90 smashed windows outside
Vectare 90 smashed windows outside

The bus was already 15 minutes late as it was late leaving Nottingham.

After the incident, the driver drove around and parked at Newark bus station.

Vectare 90 smashed windows inside
Vectare 90 smashed windows inside

The passengers departed the bus and the service was cancelled for that evening.

A spokesperson for Vectare said: “All of our drivers are trained to the highest standards, however even with this provision in place, occasional incidents will occur.

“Nobody was injured in either incident, and our engineering team are already completing repairs to the vehicles, so that they can return to service.

“Travel by bus is statistically 10 times safer than travel by car, because most bus RTCs are minor incidents like this where nobody is injured and only a small amount of vehicle damage is caused.”

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