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Climate crisis: Small adjustments make a big difference

In his letter, Make Changes (News Views, February 6) Mr Robert Sheppard suggests we eat less meat in response to the climate crisis.

Well that is exactly what millions of us are doing.

For evidence of the huge change taking place look at the range of vegetarian goods in supermarkets; or the range of non-meat dishes now on a typical restaurant menu; or the success of Gregg’s vegetarian sausage roll; and the preponderance of non- meat recipes in magazines.

Hundreds of thousands went the whole hog (excuse the pun) and signed up for Veganuary.

I am not vegan, but I do enjoy a balanced and varied diet. It is much more interesting, varied and satisfying ­— and less expensive.

Of course, Mr Sheppard delivered his comments as a sneer at what he calls climate activists.

Perhaps we should rejoice that Mr Sheppard, after so many letters denying global warming and climate change is even taking place, has finally acknowledged the truth of the matter.

He is right that the need to reduce carbon emissions impacts on all of us.

We need strong action and leadership by governments, and all of us to make the small adjustments to our lifestyles that we can.

But do catch up Mr Sheppard, our climate is changing, the world is changing, people are doing things ­— don’t get left behind. ­— John Freeman, Tinsley Close, Claypole.

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