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Soggy site traps teen


A teenage girl was rescued by firefighters after becoming stuck up to her waist in mud.

The girl is thought to have been playing with friends at a building site on the Fernwood Estate near the hydrotherapy pool building.

Firecrews were called after the girl (14) who was inside a builder’s compound, became stuck fast in mud and began sinking.

Twelve firemen in three engines were summoned at 1.45pm on Sunday.

Crew manager Simon Turley said the girl had been stuck for about 20 minutes, and was cold, scared and desperate.

Firefighter Vince Lane used building materials that were lying about to create a pathway to the girl.

He lay flat on a pallet and pulled her free by grasping her under the armpits.

She was taken to hospital by ambulance for checks.

Mr Turley said the girl could have sunk more as the ground was so boggy, so she had a lucky escape.

He said the rescue did not last more than a minute and she was relieved to finally be free.

“She was very cold so we made her comfortable,” Mr Turley said.

“We wrapped her in a space blanket and waited with her for the ambulance.”

Mr Turley said building sites were dangerous places for children and blamed the recent heavy rain for making the ground so dangerous.

“Muddy areas are dangerous places to play and unpredictable in nature,” he said.

“Places like that should be avoided or otherwise the next person might not be so lucky.”

He said the incident also highlighted the risks of building sites and said that only those authorised to be on them should be there.

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