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Gusto House launches Artificial Intelligence Club for Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire business communities to come together so they can understand the benefits and detriments of the evolving technology

Over 30 people attended the first Gusto House Artificial Intelligence event to learn more about how the field could benefit their business.

Guest speaker Nigel Lamb from Xposure joined Gusto Group CEO Steff Wright on stage as they discussed Artificial Intelligence tools that could improve business practices.

Participants also shared their experiences with using artificial intelligence in their companies, with a wide range of practical applications being demonstrated.

The event at Gusto House.
The event at Gusto House.

Mr Lamb used a case study of Newark business Tree Juice Bar and Wellbeing Studios to illustrate some of the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence.

Tree's owner Wendy Baird provided input into what she wanted to achieve and artificial intelligence gave her suggestions about blog posts, search engine optimisation keywords, and other ways to improve her marketing.

"The event went well, it was a wonderful venue and people seemed to enjoy the format," said Nigel Lamb.

"Everybody joined in and we just wanted to get across the different ways that you can use artificial intelligence to benefit your business and improve efficiency.

"It was a great opportunity for us to all learn from each other, there was a great selection of people that made for a great evening."

Steff Wright showed different ways that Artificial Intelligence could help businesses be more creative.

He used programme Chat GPT to interact with the event and also instructed the artificial intelligence to create several pieces of interesting art work.

"We had a really good turnout," said Gusto's Head of Growth Jenny Garbis.

"This was our first event for the AI Club, our launch event.

"We did say we wanted it to be interactive but it was fantastic to see people actually interact and they were speaking up with answers.

"What struck me today was how many people are effectively using artificial intelligence.

"There were many different use cases, we went through one business example but many people shouted out how they were using it.

"There were examples of people using it for video and business training for example.

"I consider myself tech-savvy and to put on an event where we have such a diverse audience using the technology in very different ways is amazing.

"I found the event quite inspirational personally because it was very interesting to see how people are using artificial intelligence."

Ms. Garbis said that there were a lot of exciting events coming up at Gusto House, Collingham including a three month long programme for women looking to grow their businesses.

"In terms of the AI Club," said Jenny, "we haven't decided exactly what the meeting cadence is going to be.

"We want the people to give us input on what they want, it really depends on their appetite.

"I think it will be at least bi-monthly at this stage, we would like to thank everyone for coming and we would like to invite others to join us in the future.

"Artifical intelligence is one of the most interesting areas in our evolution as humans and has the potential to revolutionise mankind.

"We want to be at the forefront of that.

"The programme will be balanced and we look forward to exploring the dangers of artificial intelligence."

Artificial Intelligence digital art representation of how it thought the event would look. Image: Bing/Rob Currell.
Artificial Intelligence digital art representation of how it thought the event would look. Image: Bing/Rob Currell.

Jenny added that the club in the future will look at the positive and negative aspects of artificial intelligence.

Business owner and event attendee Scott Wrigley from print company Wrigleprint said he had learned a lot from just one session.

"I am definitely thinking more about it now that I have attended this session," said Scott.

"Running my business Wrigleprint, we really do pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology in our trade.

"I knew nothing about artificial intelligence before this event, I hadn't even touched on it.

"It was interesting to sit back and see the people here who have embraced it, how they are using it, and how it is working for them.

"Now the cogs are turning, and I am here thinking how can we incorporate this into our business to help us move forward?"

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