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Take notice of investors

Once again your paper is a carrier of doom and gloom ­— business closes because of thieves, lady knocked to ground and robbed by cyclist, and the county and district councils hiking council tax to the maximum allowed.

I suppose there is some recompense in the fact that there is a maximum increase in force.

Councils are a business and should therefore act like one, by remaining a viable organisation. To do this it must buy services for one price and sell at an acceptable, yet profitable one. The price it charges must be acceptable to its buyers or they will not buy.

This is where we have a difference.

My dictionary lists tax as a compulsory charge ­— so we have no legal right to say say ‘no, your service is too expensive.’

Unlike refusing to buy something from a retailer, we face a criminal sentence if we do not pay council tax.

If this money (tax) was prudently spent, for the benefit of the public, that would be fine. However, we have no redress when it comes to investing in property deals, etc.

Councils can spend money on whatever folly they wish, and to hell with us.

They are forgetting that taxpayers are their investors and as such should be able to take the board to task if it steps out of line.

The leaders and employees who do the tax setting should bear that in mind.

There has to be serious changes to the way councils operate. They must be 100% transparent.

They will have their pensions and perks. I doubt they will still be working to survive at 83 years of age like I must. ­— BRIAN CLARK, Hayside Avenue, Balderton.

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