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Reader’s letter: Thanks for help

I would like to publicly thank a couple who came to my assistance after a teenager, of secondary school age, attempted to steal my hat from my head as he cycled by me while I sat to rest on a low wall in front of the carpark on Barnbygate, opposite Guildhall Street, Newark.

On me angrily shouting after him for what he had tried to do, he turned around and stopped in front of me followed by his friend.

He denied doing anything wrong, as if I'm blind, and his friend accused me of discrimination. Why? I had no idea. They were just two youths who I thought should be in school in the middle of the day.

Letter. Stock image
Letter. Stock image

They continued with their accusations and would not go away after being asked a number of times.

During this time a couple were passing and stayed near me on seeing what was happening.

The man told them to leave me alone and we all ended up shouting at each other, getting nowhere.

Eventually, the youths left, as we walked away, but they were definitely spoiling for trouble if I hadn't been rescued by this couple who walked me to my car ensuring I was safe.

I am a 68-year-old pensioner who struggles to walk any distance without pain, who thought I could walk around town unhindered.

I was aware of anti-social behaviour in Newark but I never thought it would happen to me.

This experience really upset me after living here for 47 years.

Once again, thank you, to the couple who may have saved my life. — M. Baker, Newark.

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