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Southwell and Belvoir among 15 UK place names that are most often mispronounced, according to LeaseCar.uk

A town and tourist attraction in the Advertiser area have been raked among 15 UK place names that are most often mispronounced.

Driving experts LeaseCar.uk have listed Southwell and Belvoir as some of the most hard-to-say locations on Britain's maps and Satnavs.

Southwell and Belvoir were among 13 other baffling names including Teignmouth, Cholmondeley and Ruislip. See below how to pronounce the names correctly.

Southwell Minster. 051219JT3-3
Southwell Minster. 051219JT3-3

“The English language can be challenging at best," Tim Alcock from LeaseCar.uk said.

"Not only do we have words that are spelled and pronounced the same but have different meanings ­— read, bank, bat and bear are good examples­— to complicate things further, some words contain heaps of letters that just aren’t needed.

“You see this a lot with place names like Leominister, which might as well be spelt Lemster, and Happisburgh, which sounds more like Hays-bruh, rendering the majority of the word useless.

Belvoir Castle.
Belvoir Castle.

“In order to prevent confusion, we’ve listed 15 places around the UK that are most often mispronounced, so that drivers can travel with ease and as little embarrassment as possible.”

1. Marylebone (London)

Wrong: Ma-ree-lee-bone

Right: Mar-lee-bone

2. Teignmouth (Devon)

Wrong: Tane-mouth

Right: Tin-muth

3. Bicester (Oxfordshire)

Wrong: Bi-ses-ter

Right: Bis-ter

4. Hunstanton (Norfolk)

Wrong: Hun-stan-ton

Right: Hun-ston

5. Cholmondeley (Cheshire)

Wrong: Chol-mon-de-lee

Right: Chum-lee

6. Godmanchester (Cambridgeshire)

Wrong: God-man-ches-ter OR Gum-ster

Right: God-munch-ester

7. Southwell (Nottinghamshire)

Wrong: South-well

Right: Suth-ul

8. Magdalen College (Oxford/Cambridge)

Wrong: Mag-de-lain

Right: Maud-lin

9. Leominister (Herefordshire)

Wrong: Lee-o-min-ster

Right: Lemster

10. Shrewsbury (Shropshire)

Wrong: Shrews-bury

Right: Shroos-bree

11. Happisbrugh (Norfolk)

Wrong: Happ-is-bruh

Right: Hays-bruh

12. Gloucester (Gloucestershire)

Wrong: Glos-es-ter

Right: Glos-ter

13. Belvoir Castle (Grantham, Leicestershire)

Wrong: Bel-vwar Castle

Right: Beaver Castle

14. Ruislip (Greater London)

Wrong: Roo-i-slip

Right: Ry-slip

15. Gateacre (Liverpool)

Wrong: Gate-acre

Right: Gatt-a-ker

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