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Reader's letter: Time is right for repair work

Given the massive decline in activity due to the lockdown there must be a real opportunity to activate the appropriate workforces on infrastructure projects that require attention.

Road and rail links are often worked on at the busiest of times, causing disruption, dislocation and frustration to the travelling public.

Surely now must be the time to work on these necessary alterations, updates and improvements while traffic is at such record low levels?

With restaurants closed they will not be disgorging huge amounts of used fats into the sewer system so another chance for a major clean-up job while flows are low.

White lines are fast disappearing from our roads so another area that would benefit from renewal while vehicular traffic is at low ebb.

White lining could be linked to effective repairing of the numerous and dangerous potholes exacerbated by the winter weather.

And let us not neglect rivers and canals. It may not be the right time of year but a massive onslaught against the dreaded Japanese Knotweed could pay long-term dividends.

Effort spent in these areas would ensure we are primed like a coiled spring to react positively to the economic boom, which will surely come AVJ (After Vaccine Jab). ­— TIM CHAMBERLIN, Aslockton.

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