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Time to abolish television licence

Readers may have received a letter from TV Licensing, but the letters are generated from a company called Capita.

At a time when the BBC announced it couldn’t afford to retain free television licences to the over 75s, they will pay Capita £100m to collect unpaid licence fees.

The BBC has an audacity to charge £157.50 for a television licence, when there are hundreds of channels available, and so few linked to the BBC.

The majority are commercial channels paid for through advertising. However, the BBC claims it needs licence fees to make new programmes.

What tosh! For most of the year their programmes are repeats.

We all know why the BBC needs £3.9bn ­— to pay its presenters enormously bloated pay packets. An example is Gary Lineker whose pay is £1.2m. Why is, someone such as me expected to buy a licence to subsidise his lifestyle?

There is only one programme I would watch on BBC, Line Of Duty. On a pay-as-you-view basis, my licence fee is down to about a fiver.

Television licensing is unfair and needs abolishing.

Without such fees the BBC would have to forgo its lavish pay structures and start paying presenters minimum wage. Millions of workers are expected to live on minimum pay, so why not BBC presenters? ­— NIGEL J. STARBUCK, Bingham, via email.

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