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Reader’s letter: Time to find a lasting peace in Middle East

While all the people who have goodwill have welcomed the pause in the Middle East conflict and the exchange of hostages by both sides, however briefly, it is appalling that this conflict has resumed.

Neither Israel's political and military leaders nor those of Hamas can get together after 66 years to resolve the many contentious issues that clearly and adversely affect both of their populations.

These issues go back much further, to 1917 when the British captured Palestine, the Holy Land, an area that also had historical importance for Christians and Jews.


At that time it was an area that was predominantly inhabited by Arabs.

However, the Balfour declaration made at that time time assumed that the Arabs would be pleased to abandon Palestine so a Jewish State could be set up there.

According to history, both Lloyd George and Balfour's knowledge of the area was based on the Bible.

Yet it was not until after the second world war that the state of Israel was actually set up without taking into account the needs of the Palestinians who were living there, other than by giving them parcels of land such as the West Bank, Gaza, the Golan Heights, and Jerusalem with its significance to the religions mentioned above.

In such circumstances how can a two-state solution, as some politicians have suggested, solve the problem of many decades?

The attack on Israeli settlements by Hamas last October and the taking of hostages appalled many people and the firing of rockets into Israel was shocking, we were told this was the worst thing to happen since the second world war.

What do we find in Gaza? Palestinians trying to survive with minimal supplies, constantly being informed by the IDF to move further south for their safety into areas that are then bombed.

Many buildings were destroyed, including homes, schools, and hospitals in Israel's determination to destroy Hamas.

Hamas has killed many innocent women, children, and teenagers.

"If evil is allowed to flourish it is because good men do nothing."

It is time as always for the nation to speak peace unto nation particularly in the 21st Century where we need maximum cooperation across our world. — A. M. WADDINGTON, Sutton-on-Trent.

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