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Town talks demanded


Calls are growing for a town meeting to discuss Bingham’s lack of community facilities.

Bingham Town Council has been consistently criticised in recent months for the lack of information given to the public over issues such as the new health centre and community centre.

A former town councillor, Mr John Bradley, believes a referendum should be held to decide whether or notresidents want a health centre or community centre.

Mr Bradley said council proceedings and decisions were not as transparent as residents would expect.

He said the council had thousands of pounds in a community chest, given by developers as part of planning approvals.

Mr Bradley said: “They are just secret but they cannot be secret where money is concerned.”

He said a referendum would be easy to organise and get a response.

Local campaigner Mrs Betty Nock (69) of Station Street, Bingham, backed the idea of a meeting.

She organised a rally in 2006 attended by 300 people demanding action on key issues.

But she would be surprised if a meeting was held.

Mrs Nock said: “In the last two years, there has been nothing done. It is just like banging your head against a brick wall.”

She questioned if people would attend a meeting,knowing nothing changed after the rally.

She said: “I can’t see a meeting getting off the ground but it would be very good if it was to.”

Mr Gary Porter (42) of Woodpecker Close, Bingham, is leading a campaign to preserve Warner’s Paddock.

He would welcome a public meeting, but only once it was known where Nottinghamshire Primary Care Trust stood on any planning application for the paddock.

“I would rather push for some answers from the PCT to see if they are to go ahead with a planning permission on the site,” he said.

“At the moment, we are just getting fobbed off. There is nothing definite.

“It is not that I don’t want that engagement with the town council it is just that at the moment, they just keep saying the same thing.”

Another Bingham resident, Mr Neville Fowler (69) of The Banks, said he backed a meeting to talk about specific issues.

He said: “The town council is not isolated but a bit too inward looking. They do not necessarily represent what people think generally.”

He said a meeting would clarify what was happening and show how much interest there was in the much-discussed but still undelivered schemes.

Mr Fowler said he found it hard to find minutes fromcouncil meetings as they were often unavailable at Bingham Library where they were meant to be held, and were now also absent from the council website.

The Mayor or Bingham, Mr Francis Purdue-Horan, said he was in favour of a community meeting.

Mr Purdue-Horan said: “I am alluding to specific issues, not a free-for-all for everything.

“It would have to be on a specific issue to have some sort of focus.”

Mr Purdue-Horan said he and the town clerk would have authority to make arrangements for such a meeting, but would have to consult councillors first.

He said the people of Bingham seemed very interested in what was happening in the town.

He said minutes had to be approved by council before being put in the library. This could be up to six weeks after the meeting was held.

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