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Unauthorised Traveller encampment on Cedar Avenue, Newark, evicted following High Court order

An unauthorised Traveller encampment that caused distress to residents has been evicted.

The five caravans took over land on Cedar Avenue in Newark in October, breaking the fence on Lincoln Road to gain entry.

The district council obtained an order for possession of the land in November and, while the order was served, the unauthorised residents failed to leave.

The Travellers on Cedar Avenue Park have now been evicted.
The Travellers on Cedar Avenue Park have now been evicted.

On Friday, November 27, the district council enforced an eviction order to the unlawful encampment. Bailiffs, Nottinghamshire Police and council CPOs were present.

Residents in the area shared their concerns with the Advertiser, saying the land was for the benefit for local people — particularly during the pandemic.

The council further obtained an injunction from the High Court to protect six identified sites in the district where unlawful encampments have taken place in the recent past.

This means no one can occupy any part of the sites for residential purposes by bringing caravans, mobile homes, residential vehicles or other vehicles and items associated with setting up a camp to stay there, without prior permission from the district council.

The council said this type of injunction order is not usually granted by the court but the judge recognised the sites were of historical and/or cultural importance and should remain open and accessible to residents at all times. The injunction lasts until March 2021.

The injunction order applies to six sites known as:

  • Land/playing field next to to Cedar Avenue/Lincoln Road, Newark
  • Sconce and Devon Park, Boundary Road, Newark
  • Vicar Water Country Park next to B6030, Rainworth
  • Newark Sports and Fitness Centre, Lord Hawke Way, Newark
  • Land next to Elm Avenue, Newark
  • Land next to Bridge Community Centre, Lincoln Road, Newark

Leader of Newark and Sherwood District Council David Lloyd said: “On Friday morning (November 27) the district council enforced an eviction order served on an unlawful encampment of five caravans on land at Cedar Avenue in Newark. Bailiffs, Nottinghamshire Police and our Community Protection Officers were at the scene.

“I know that this unlawful encampment has caused distress to local residents, and our officers have had to continually push the courts to obtain and process the eviction order (which was delayed by almost three weeks due to extreme pressure on court officers during the lockdown) before the district council could enforce the eviction. I have been equally as frustrated as residents will have been by this delay.

“The land is owned by the Gilstrap Charitable Trust and on November 3, Newark and Sherwood District Council, on behalf of the trust, obtained an order for possession of the site at a court hearing and as such, the caravans should have vacated the site.

"Unfortunately however, the encampment failed to leave the site and a High Court writ had to be sought for court bailiffs to enforce the possession. This was issued on November 24 which then allowed them and us (acting on behalf of the trust) to take enforcement action and the caravans have now vacated the site."

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