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Reader's letter: A Tribute to victims of Twin Towers

A poetic tribute, written in 2001, for the approaching 20th anniversary of 9/11:

I walk along the canyon floor,

with walls of concrete, glass and door.

On this day, two towers loom,

point to the sky, with clouds of doom.

An arrow, silver through the sky,

oh horror, horror they will die.

With disbelief my eyes look on,

as bodies fall, their life is gone.

The men in blue, so pale and brave,

with their hands unearth the grave.

Another arrow I have heard,

has hit it’s mark, more death absurd

And then another in the sky,

their lives they give and they will die.

Upon the next day I pass by,

the steel is jagged, black, not high

The mantle that New York must bear,

is like Christ’s thorns, within his hair.

This day so black within my mind,

a turning point for mankind.

To fight this terror, our leaders vow,

God give them knowledge, to know how.

Again I walk the canyon floor

With walls of concrete, glass and door

Upon this day no towers loom

A valley now, with death’s perfume. ­­— J. TERRY FOX, Newark.

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