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Reader’s letter: Trillions being wasted on climate emergency

With reference to your article Sit For Climate Protests At Station (Advertiser, December 7) I would like to point out an alternative view shared by a great — and increasing— number of eminent and highly qualified scientists working in the fields of climatology.

I agree that climatic change has definitely occurred over the last 50 years, but the need to reduce carbon, ie carbon dioxide, emissions is quite definitely being disputed.

The fact is that there never has been any empirical scientific evidence that rising C02 causes climatic change.

Letters stock image
Letters stock image

Also, the computer models used to make all the failed predictions have been proven to be wrong, as warming, measured by satellite data, is much less than expected.

Even the IPCC has backtracked and issued statements to the effect that their original predictions were too high and the occurrence of catastrophic weather events has been greatly exaggerated.

There is no climate crisis.

We now know that the C02 we produce is only 3% of the total atmospheric C02, confirmed by the IPCC.

The atmosphere only contains 0.04% C02, therefore the small amount we add could not possibly be significant enough to cause climate change even if C02 was involved in this.

Many highly qualified scientists are now commenting that it is more likely that other factors are responsible for the current climatic changes, therefore humans cannot possibly change or stop such changes.

There is much empirical evidence to support this.

One example is that recent results of ice core analysis show that the rate of change in C02 concentration is controlled by global temperature rather than vice versa. IJGW Vol 30 2023.

By focusing on C02 we are spending trillions on inefficient renewables and EV vehicles rather than using the money for real environmental issues and adapting to changing climatic conditions. — M. PATCHETT, via email.

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