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Reader's letter: Understand the need for coal mine

While I applaud the efforts of Green Southwell in reducing waste and pollution (Eco-efforts Are Undermined, News Views, January 28) it appears that they are unaware of how our modern world is created.

The output from the new coal mine in Cumbria will be used for the conversion of iron ore to steel.

Steel is a vital material used in machines, for manufacturing equipment, for transportation, for structures ­— just try and think of anything that does not need steel at some point in its creation, distribution or use.

If the UK does not provide the coking coal for steel production, another country would have to supply it.

So, let us keep some wealth creation industry in the UK and have the ability to keep control of it and become more self-sufficient.

I am unaware of any proposed use of hydrogen in steel production.

Hydrogen can be used as an energy source, but it could not be created, distributed nor consumed without using steel. Nor could it be produced without using an energy source.

Activists say what they don’t want, but do not understand the consequences of their demands and do not and cannot offer any viable alternatives.

If more people studied science, technology and engineering, perhaps a more sustainable world could be achieved. ­— R. LAWRENCE, Kneesall.

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