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Reader’s letter: Urgent reform is required

Sadly and over too many years we have had a political party that has called itself a "broad church", yet as we have known from recent events that it is a divided and broken entity which believes that it can govern on the cheap — and at the same time cuts back on essential local government funding and the essential public services that we all rely on.

Over their period of office it can be noted that many people are on low wages or have a nil work contract and despite being told that we are a rich nation those people have to rely on foodbanks to feed their families.

And the cost of living continues to rise.

Letter box
Letter box

They have failed us in so many ways with manifestos, promises and rhetoric broken and meaningless as are their standards and values.

Far too often they claim to speak for the British people and our own values. As we have seen recently they seem more concerned about the Victorian concepts and values that seem to run our Parliament, rather than governing in the 21st Century and dealing with the problems that face us all and in a timely manner.

No wonder so many people seem to be disillusioned with our current system of government.

Clearly we are an over bureaucratic nation and it is surely time that we should follow the much earlier thoughts of Chairman Mao Tse-tung that “simpler administration, talks, speeches, articles, and resolutions should all be concise and to the point. Meetings also should not go on too long”, whilst Henry David Thoreau once said “often life is frittered away by detail — simplify, simplify”.

Our political parties have always seemed to lack the ability to research and consult with both the public at large and with those who have knowledge of that subject when in opposition, and then prepare a forward plan when in government which can then be put in place or adapted to suit the then conditions.

Preparation is surely 75% of the mission.

Politicians should deal with the real problems that affect this nation and its people; not invent political problems that cost the taxpayer and the money they contribute.

In Prime Minister's Questions, why is the answer largely an attack on the opposition parties? I would have thought governance in these times should be seen as an important matter and not, as it often appears, a game.

For far too long political parties have tinkered with many areas of our life, that have been running well, though usually underfunded, in the name of progress.

Sadly, this is what has happened to this country and brought it to its present state.

We clearly need reform but not at the hands of politicians with their self interest.

The public need to speak out if we are to retain a modern form of democracy and all that that means. — A. M.

WADDINGTON, Sutton-on-Trent

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