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Wanton destruction at park

So this is our sterling council’s response to conservation, saving the environment and maintaining our green and pleasant land, is it? Devastating destruction at Clay Lane park, hacking and chopping at Balderton Lake, Sconce Park gone at with excessive and over-enthusiastic vigour...

It is patently clear that those responsible didn’t have the first clue about proper husbandry, or frankly didn’t care a jot.

All the mature wood festooned and heavily laden with berries ­— vital food for wildlife, such as birds, hedgehogs and rabbits ­— has been chopped and hacked away, leaving the most disgusting and devastating destruction in its wake.

What will they have to eat now?

I don’t know who is directly responsible for this almighty phase of mindless vandalism ­— because that’s precisely what it is ­— but we, as taxpayers, have been fleeced of an exorbitant amount of council tax, with no allowance or concession for this troubling time, and we have paid for this.

This is our money that has funded this completely irrational and wanton destruction of our green spaces.

I have written to the council, and have not even had the courtesy of a reply, in spite of providing photographs and evidence of the wanton decimation and utter appalling mess.

Members of the district council turned up for a photo op ­— look at us, tidying up the mess, which, of course, should not have been there in the first place.

I am thoroughly disgusted with the council’s attitude and behaviour.

Whoever is responsible should be made to restore the park to its former glory ­— at the expense of their own pocket. Let’s see how they like footing the bill. ­— A. ABRAHAM, via email.

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