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Reader's letter: Waste of taxpayers' money

Once again we have Newark and Sherwood District Council wasting money, taxpayers’ money, on an expensive scheme to try to revitalise our town centre.

How much more commercial space will be provided before the council sees that it is not going to happen.

Almost the whole of this county’s city and town centres are filled with empty shop premises.

We still have most of those empty from when the carpark/Asda site was developed, with more added alongside the Travelodge development.

Plus, the number of existing closed shops appears to be growing every month.

What’s the odds that before long we will have as many empty as open units?

As for including accommodation in the scheme, again, a waste of space and money.

What has Newark got to offer to anyone wanting to live in the town centre after shop closing time?

Is there not a commercial brain that can see that throwing good money after bad tells a story.

A story of failure.

Shops and any other business requires customers. Customers with money to spend.

Internet shopping is booming, much of the population has grown into it.

If major retail names, in prime city centres, cannot make business pay, then what chance have smaller traders got?

With the toll that covid-19 has had on the entire population, councils should be looking at reducing, not increasing costs, and with it taxes.

Attitude can be both good and bad, and Newark and Sherwood District Council falls into the bad category. ­BRIAN CLARK, Balderton.

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