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The Newark Advertiser found out people’s opinions on solar farms and the increasing number of planning applications for villages surrounding Newark

In its weekly voxpop, the Advertiser found out people’s opinions on solar farms and the increasing number of applications to sites in villages around the town.

With an increase in planning applications to build solar farms in villages surrounding Newark, including the large-scale plans for the new Great North Road Solar Park.

The people the Advertiser spoke to varied opinions, however, the majority was in defence of solar farms and sustainable and renewable energy.

In November last year, MP for Newark, Robert Jenrick shared his concerns on the number of plans for solar farms in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

Jenny and Mike Dowker said: “I have no objections to solar farms but there is a point of view that says they are taking agricultural land so there is a conflict. I agree with the principle of saving energy and the energy crisis but it is where you put them and you can’t put them in the city so you put them in the country.”

Don Hage said: “They have to go somewhere but whether I agree with that or not, if I lived in a village I would probably say no but they do have to go somewhere so I don’t know what the answer is really.”

Craig Goodband said: “I don’t really know too much about it but if it helps the environment it is good, if it is beneficial it is beneficial.”

Curtis Philip said: “They are taking farmland that could be used for growing products which would help probably make it a little bit cheaper when you go to buy things.

“At the end of the way no matter what we come up with we never seem to get a reduction in price.”

Many residents living in villages in which applications were submitted, have created community groups to unite and oppose the solar farms in their green villages rather than becoming “industrial scene.”

“They are supposed to be a good thing but they aren’t very good for the countryside are they? Some people just can’t get used to change,” said Belinda Hurs-Taylor.

Paul Cotter said: “ I think they are going to happen somewhere, iI am not opposed to solar farms but if it isn’t on our doorstep whose doorstep is it going to be on?

“As long as they think about the flooding and everything else when they are doing it I am not opposed to them,” said Kelly Sedwick.

Jane Ford said: “I am a bit mixed because I am from a farming family and I suppose I want the land to be farmed to produce fruit but I appreciate that we do need it but I think to be sensible and not put too much in one area.

“I think a lot is being proposed around here, I probably need to know and read up more.”

Guy Bennett said: “I don’t mind them. They are beneficial and help save money, don’t they? I don’t think the villages are going industrial, it mainly saves the money.”

The Advertiser now ask its readers – What are your thoughts on proposals for solar farms to be built in villages surrounding Newark?

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