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The Advertiser found out what people want to see done by the new East Midlands Mayor and new Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner

In its weekly voxpop, the Advertiser found out what people most want to see done by the new East Midlands Mayor and Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner for Newark.

Last Thursday (May 2) the voting stations were open so that people could elect who they thought to be the new candidates to perform the roles, including the first-ever East Midlands Mayor.

On Friday (May 3) the results were clear and Labour candidates won in both roles, with Clare Ward being voted to assume the mayoral position and help oversee the newly-established East Midlands Combined County Authority.

Labour’s Gary Godden has been elected as Nottinghamshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, defeating the sitting Conservative PCC Caroline Henry by more than 40,000 votes.

With the easy part of being voted to perform the roles done, the hard task of performing, pleasing and guaranteeing the best leadership starts.

The Advertiser heard what people around Newark expected and wanted to see done by the two new figures, which varied from more police out on the streets to an investment in markets and the town’s revival.

Mr Metcalfe said: “Just smarten it up and tidy it up and everything, same in the libraries, I think there is only about three or four seats [benches].

“You don’t see them, very rarely do you see them.”

Mrs Metcalfe added: “We want more seating where the castle is, more seats and in all the other parks.

“There needs to be more walking about [police]. It’s very scary walking about.”

Nicola Jacobs said: “Get these shops filled.

“I don’t know, we have lost a lot of shops, we have lost a lot in the market and it would just be nice to see it all back again and make it affordable.

A devolution deal was signed by Derbyshire County Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, Derby City Council and Nottingham City Council in November 2022 as a way to bring power and money into the hands of the region.

The deal will provide £1.14bn in funding, spread over 30 years, and powers to better decide what happens with transport, housing, skills, education, the economy and net-zero strategy will be moved up from Westminster to the East Midlands.

Ozzie Leather work said: “ Get the market full up because I am a trader and I have to get my living off that market and it’s bloody hard.

“When I’ve needed them, they’ve never been there.”

Harry Mitchel said: “They should invest in Newark and other towns to make sure they survive because Newark is becoming a ghost town and if they can’t turn it around who can?”

Hilary Maish said: “The same in London, keeping it safe and safe from crime, just keeping the town interesting with plenty to see and do and I think that’s about it really, keeping with concerts and things to do, especially for young people to keep them interested in their life.”

Phil Wood said: “They are in it for the wage they aren’t in it to help anyone.

“Stop it turning into a ghost town, there is nothing to do here. This market used to be full, but people can’t afford to set up a stall now.”

The Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for setting the force’s budgets and priorities and even holds the power to sack the Chief Constable.

What do you want to see the new East Midlands Mayor and the new Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner do for Newark?

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