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Reader's letter: When will £3m be paid back?

I read the article Finishing Touches Being Put To Hotel (Advertiser, January 21) and it has raised a few points in my mind.

Newark and Sherwood District Council has put £3m of our money into this project, but who will be responsible for the shop units?

So far they are not let, but the council is hopeful. Will those be covered by our £3m, i.e. no return until let, with Travelodge getting its return from the hotel (hopefully).

I have stayed over the years in similar establishments but have never seen where there could be up to 70 jobs generated.

It will be lucky if there are 20.

I had to make a toilet stop at a Wetherby hotel. My wife went in and there was not a staff member around to ask permission to use the toilets, and still no one when she left.

There are so many empty shop units in Newark and district, with no doubt many more unfortunately due to join them, that the chances of getting a suitable return on the investment must be just above zero.

Mr Lloyd said that, despite a year of national restrictions, he was absolutely delighted with the progress made.

The public will not be delighted if/when nothing happens.

Any time now councils will be sending out increased bills to residents who are already seeing price rises from utilities and in supermarkets, without any chance of a wage packet increase to cover these extra costs, and over 80s are now having to pay for a television licence.

To get the economy back to some sort of normality, both the business and public sector should be looking at 10% of something is better than 100% of nothing. ­— BRIAN CLARK, Hayside Avenue, Balderton.

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