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Reader's letter: Where's sense of urgency?

There is much discussion and posturing going on in the run-up to the climate conference in November. There is dramatic footage of wildfires and floods, not to mention the realities of more insidious droughts and lethal heatwaves.

All these things are happening now with an average rise in global temperature of 1.1C.

Have we really grasped the stark fact the best possible outcome of the Glasgow conference will be concrete action to limit overall temperature rise to 1.5C, a 35% increase on today’s temperatures with all the extra energy that embodies in the atmosphere?

Present governmental promises and commitments have us still on course for an average rise of at least 2.4C within ten years.

Am I right to be concerned that as I observe the ever-expanding Middlebeck development there is not one solar thermal or PV panel to be seen? The glossy brochures highlight gas boilers fitted as standard with low profile radiators. Such systems are not suitable for easy adaptation to the future use of heat pumps.

Only one of developer has responded to a query about this, saying there is no provision for underfloor heating or accommodating heat pumps.

Are we mad allowing this development to continue without such provision? Is it not cynically committing new homeowners to future expense, when it could be incorporated far more cheaply into the new build? What a missed opportunity. Our MP, as Secretary of State for Housing, has introduced new building standards to come in from 2025. That’s four years away. Where’s the sense of urgency? — DR ANDREW AYRE, Newark

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