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The Newark Advertiser found out if people still shop at the Newark Royal Market at Market Place and the reasons behind it.

In its weekly voxpop, the Advertiser found out if people still shop at Newark’s market and why.

Newark Royal Market, Market Place, has been in decline over the past years as both the number of traders and customers decreased drastically.

At present, a general market runs on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays offering a range of products from fruit and vegetables to clothing and books; with smaller collectors and bric a brac markets on Mondays and Thursdays.

Despite the market being a constant target of comments about its decay, a lot of people still make their way to the market each week.

“The fruit and vegetables are fresh and on a Wednesday there are tools and all sorts that you can’t normally get, and it is all local,” said Graham Dunn.

He added: “I will keep coming to the market.”

Howard Cannington said: I use it because the prices are right and the people who own the businesses look after you better but of course, the youngsters aren’t used to markets so they would rather go to supermarkets.

“Before you would come to the market and if you wanted 20 things you would get 20 things, now you go to one shop and you don’t have to stand up in the rain.”

Miss Neilson said: “The range of goods, I would like more choice, usually there is a bookman here and he is wonderful.

“The fruit and veg is good, the bread is good and everything is just really good.”

Christine Walker
Christine Walker

Denise Fawks said: “I think shops are better but I still come to the market on my way to shops and if there is anything I want to buy I will.

“If it is on the way I’ll stop but I wouldn’t come down to the market.”

Heather Mayfield and Jennifer Spencer said:” Everything on here is always fresh cut, locally grown, always fantastic quality, this time of the year we’re here most weeks.”

Sue said: “Everything is fresh, we know what we are buying and we are keeping local people in business, we’ve always used the market and always will do so.

“The bread here is amazing, if you haven’t tried it you should.”

Sandra and Douglas Hendley said: “It’s not like this is the shop’s, in here is fresher, it’s homemade, it’s good.

“We always use it, every week.”

Richard Boddy: “Fresher stuff, the quality is better in the market than in a shop.”

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