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Reader’s letter: Why put all the blame on cows?

I read with interest your reader asking us to eat less beef. Do pigs and sheep not produce methane too?

However, I am on the side of the farmers, who do an excellent job. Are we to put them all out of work?

My main concern is cars.

Letters stock image
Letters stock image

The government seems determined to keep ordinary working people in their place.

Using public transport, have they never visited Lincolnshire? I started work at 6.30am so no bus would have got me there. I can’t afford an electric car. Apart from the batteries, how they are made and disposed of?

Yet no mention of all the planes and cruise ships polluting our air. During covid while planes weren’t flying and cars were much less, the greenhouse gas levels dramatically dropped.

Yet the cows were still there!

Seems to me the rich can carry on with their lifestyle, flying private jets and driving huge cars with no concern.

Yet again the ordinairy man has to pay the price. — J. COULSON, Newark.

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