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Newark and Sherwood: Woman who struggled through illness credits alternative therapies with helping to get life back

A woman who struggled for years through illness has credited alternative therapies with helping to get her life back on track.

Jodi has battled chronic fatigue syndrome for the last five years, an illness that turned her life on its head.

Before, Jodi was a healthy and confident young woman, working as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer — but was soon unable to complete the simplest of tasks.

Jodi on a walk recently, back to full health. (44372456)
Jodi on a walk recently, back to full health. (44372456)

Jodi said at her worst she was immobile, constantly in bed, and no longer able to care for herself. She had to move back home with her parents in Newark.

“I hadn’t been feeling 100% for about a year but I continued to just persist through and carry on,” said Jodi.

“But I collapsed one day teaching a class and I was never the same after that.

“I had many tests at the doctors and everything came back clear apart from my bloods, which said I had glandular fever and Epstein-Barr virus — of which you can get post-fatigue.

“It’s very much past the point of going to bed one night and waking up and feeling tired, it’s worse than that — you sometimes can’t even get out of bed to have breakfast, have a shower or get dressed.

“Maybe you’ll be able to get dressed by the afternoon, but it totally wipes you — or you’ve had a phone call and you are in bed for the next two weeks.”

Jodi said she found chronic fatigue syndrome was a misunderstood illness, and there was no real medical treatment on offer.

Jodi turned to alternative therapies such as kinesiology, the study of human or non-human body movement; acupuncture; and reiki, before getting into sound healing, Buddhism and crystals.

She has now launched a business around the therapies that she credits with her return to health.

She said: “I’ve gone from the fitness industry to the healing industry, and am now able to walk, do DIY and also create exercise videos.”

Jodi makes healing crystal bracelets and has created a chronic fatigue syndrome healing programme to help others.

“Everyone is different but, because I tried so many things, there’s bound to be something in there that helps,” she said.

“Also, I create a sort of structure of how to get better because when I was sick, I was at a total loss of where to go and what was going on.

“With every illness, I now believe there is a mind-body connection and anything that comes into your life — negative or positive — there’s a lesson to be learned.

“Illness can take you on an inward journey. At times it has been very hard, but ultimately it has been the most incredible journey and I’ve learned things I’ll take away with me for the rest of my life.”

For more on Jodi's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome healing program, go to www.cfshealingprogram.com/ or @cfthealing on Insatgram.

For Jodi's crystal healing bracelets, go to www.etsy.com/shop/jodiscrystals or @jodiscrystals on Instagram.

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