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Trevor Lambert wants to see his former Newark Nomads manager credited for work with Newark Town

A former Newark Town Football Club captain wants his ex-manager to receive more recognition for creating the thriving team we see today.

Trevor Lambert, 71, of Balderton, wants to add the hard work of his former manager Keith Bee to the history books.

Mr Lambert’s comments came after he spotted a news article in a copy of the Nottingham Sport, which was titled ‘plans for a Newark Town FC’.

Trevor Lambert, of Balderton (42759834)
Trevor Lambert, of Balderton (42759834)

The story reads: “Newark, without a football club for 35 years, will once again have a club to support.

“Newark Nomads have decided to reform and take a plunge in the 1974-75 season as Newark Town.”

Mr Lambert had captained Nomads and played under Mr Bee as the side reformed under Newark Town.

“We formed in 1974 and it was quickly a different team player-wise because we were not good enough once we got going,” said Mr Lambert.

“Newark Town changed things and they got better players in, but the lads in this photo (left) are the lads from Nomads who actually played at the beginning of the season before it swapped around.”

The changes also saw Mr Bee leave the club — a decision Mr Lambert is still not happy with.

“As far as I understand, the transition involved a lot of big names in Newark at the time and in the first year, Keith Bee was pushed out of the team and then it quickly finished after about three years,” said Mr Lambert.

“I played for Newark Nomads for about ten years before that and Keith Bee had us managed the whole time.

“He took us a long way, got Newark Town Football Club up and running again and then to be pushed out like that — it wasn’t right.

“The original team deserves some recognition as well.

“The current team are well respected and get a lot of recognition, which is fair enough, but I want the same for that team.

“Like I have said, this is not just for me, and although I was the captain of the team, it is for everyone.

“I mostly want recognition for Keith Bee, who worked so hard to move Newark Nomands into Newark Town.

“He was the main man behind the change and he gets no recognition whatsoever.

“The man who did it is not in the history books. They do not tell you that.

“There is no mention of him whatsoever actually.”

Despite enjoying a successful period on the pitch, Newark Town folded and later reformed in 1991 and has continued to grow since.

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