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Newark Town captain Lewis Chambers announced that he will be taking a step back from his club

A popular football captain has announced that he will be taking a step back from his club and will no longer be playing for the side as he focuses on other ventures.

The news that Newark Town captain Lewis Chambers who also holds his club’s all-time leading goal-scoring record standing down will come as a shock to many in the Nottinghamshire community.

“I’ve chosen to take a step back from Newark Town Football Club so I can spend more time with my family,” said Chambers who is known around his area as Chambo.

Lewis Chambers at Newark Town Football Club
Lewis Chambers at Newark Town Football Club

“Over the last couple of seasons, I was coaching in the mornings on Saturdays and then playing football in the afternoons.
“I’ve been really busy due to other commitments with my business and working full-time, Saturday is really the only spare day I had which was taken up with football.
“I wasn’t ready to stop playing football and so I’ve really pushed on over the last couple of campaigns.
“It has left me with little time to spend with family but now I think it is the right time to step away and enjoy some quality time with my loved ones.

“My family is also ready and we are looking forward to spending more time together.
“It also gives us a chance to focus on my business and grow it.”

Lewis Chambers at Newark Town Football Club
Lewis Chambers at Newark Town Football Club

Chambers operates a football school for young children called ‘Lewis’s Football Fun’, he operates the business with several other teammates from Newark Town.
“In terms of commitment, I wouldn’t want to do anything half-hearted and feel like I am letting the team down.
“So, I’ve decided to fully withdraw myself from football for now and I wish the club all the best in the future.
“It is absolutely brilliant news that the club has made it to step five now and I hope the lads do really well.
“Hopefully this is not the end forever, hopefully, one day I will be back but for now it is the right time to step away and have a break.”
Chambers said that the promotion from step seven to step six with the club was one of his fondest memories.
“Playing at Clay Cross that season with three games to go, we needed a win to guarantee the league win.
“It was a tough game, no one had won away there that season.
“We were all tied up 0-0 in the 70th minute, the ball comes in from a long throw.
“It bounced in the box at a tight angle and I volleyed it into the roof of the net to get the goal.
“Everyone went wild and it turned out that goal guaranteed us the league win which secured our first promotion in a long time.
“It was a great moment that topped off a brilliant season.”

Lewis Chambers at Newark Town Football Club
Lewis Chambers at Newark Town Football Club
Lewis Chambers at Newark Town Football Club
Lewis Chambers at Newark Town Football Club

Every season Chambers said he has had approaches from other clubs including at a higher level but he has always turned them down and remained loyal to Newark Town.
“My loyalty is to Newark Town and it will remain that way forever,” he said.
“I appreciate everything they have done for me and its my home town.
“I absolutely love the ground they walk on.”
Chambers said he has approaches and good offers from clubs several steps above The Blues but has never seriously considered moving on and has already turned them down.
“Newark Town has always looked after me and I’ve always looked after them and that’s the way I repay my faith.
“Recently I have had a few offers after telling people I am going to take a break from football.
“In the last couple of seasons I’ve had a few less offers because people know where my head is at and where my loyalties lie.
“They’ve tried in the past a lot and I’ve said no so a lot of them don’t bother now.”

“They know I am a one club man and I bleed blue.
“I’d love to come back to Newark Town in the future.
“But yes, I would love to.
“I’m not putting any pressure on myself, I plan to enjoy my time away with my family.
“When the time is right, if I am ready to come back, there will be a lot to consider — if I am good enough, if I am fit enough, if I am at the required standard, I will evaluate the situation.
“They are at step-five now which is a higher standard and is harder.
“With me having time off, it might not be easy for me to just walk back in but I am definitely not closed off to the idea.”

Lewis Chambers at Newark Town Football Club
Lewis Chambers at Newark Town Football Club

“If we didn’t have the fans, it would probably be the easiest decision to step away but they make me have the bug for it.

“Hearing them sing my name and the great chants, they have made it an awesome experience.
“There have been some funny chants as well.
“I love giving the fans back something because they give a lot to me.
“The YMCA is a happy place for me with a lot of fond memories.
“I love the YMCA.”
Chambers said he is taking the next step of his journey as it comes but he hasn’t ruled out coaching men’s football in the future.
“We are taking things one step at a time but I would like to say that in the future, that could be a possibility.
“At the moment my head is fully on my business and coaching the young ones.

“I’ve got energy and passion, the smiles on the kid’s faces are what it is all about at the moment.

“I’ve always been football obsessed.
“I put a lot of work and research into football.
“Newark Town manager Luke Parsons and I are close, we are always having great conversations on tactics.
“I can see myself being involved in managing in the future, the timing just has to be right.
“At the moment I am focused in other areas.”
Chambers said he wanted to thank everyone at the club from his teammates to everyone off the pitch including the club’s volunteers.
“From the players and the gaffer to people like Craig Mountney and Sarah Robinson — everyone’s efforts are very much appreciated.
“The club’s PR is very good, it is ambitious and builds on what we are trying to achieve.
“We are a small town but the support in Newark has been inspiring.
“We punch above our weight and our support rivals bigger teams.
“Thank you to everyone for following my journey and all of your support.
“As I have said before, I hope it is not over but for now I am having a rest.
“Good luck to everybody at the club for the upcoming season.” — Copy supplied by Mancsport

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