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Artists explore their own surroundings


Newark’s Millgate Museum this week welcomes two artists — a photographer and painter — for a six-week exhibition.

Joyce Wye Ho and Christopher Paris open their work to the public tomorrow (Jan 16).

Painter Christopher Paris returns to the museum to exhibit some more landscapes until February 28 in the art before coffee and café area.

Christopher, from South Scarle, said: “When a painter paints something, what they paint, and how they paint it is dictated by their way of seeing things, and this reflects the state and quality of the mind of the painter at that time.

“Whereas the impressionists talked about light, I am talking about painting mind. They had a realisation, that all visual information was actually only light.

“This is true at a particular point in the process of seeing, but now I am realising that what we are seeing is not light at all, but mind. The light, the space, the movement and pattern in front of us is only ever an event in the mind.

“When painting we create a record of our state of mind at that moment. I chose natural spaces to paint, because this is our actual physical environment.”

Christopher started drawing and painting with his elder sister. He later developed an interest in art and artists, and would buy and study books about painters through history.

After leaving school he attended a two-year art and design course in Mansfield.

He then studied fine art in Liverpool where he gained his BA Hons in 1986.

In her current photographic work, Joyce is interested in exploring the interplay of memory, identity and nature, particularly as represented by flowers.

Inspired by Proust, she hopes her images can provide some sort of emotional catalyst which will transport viewers to another time or place that may have been lost.

Joyce’s work can be seen in The Mezzanine Gallery until February 28.

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