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Kings of Leon supported by The Vaccines perform at Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

A band that has been rocking through stages and fans’ lives since 1999 has sang together with thousands of people in one voice last night (July 8).

American rock band Kings of Leon performed at Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham, supported by English indie rock band The Vaccines.

With an audience of over 10,000 people, the Motorpoint Arena was full to the brim, from the seating blocks to the standing area and everyone was there for a reason — for a night filled with brilliant music.

Kings of Leon
Kings of Leon

To fall in love with bands and music is quite a often feeling when the lyrics, harmonies, looks and stage presence are charming and hold one’s attention captive. But, to also fall in love with a concert’s atmosphere is a whole different achievement that musicians and the staff behind-the-scenes should be congratulated for.

When I first entered the arena, I headed to my seat, with a perfect view of the stage, I saw The Vaccines, clapped, and waved my hands and arms from my seat, however, seeing everyone jumping and singing along downstairs, in the standing area, was something else.

Having seen The Vaccines live last year at a festival I knew how good of a show they could put, but seeing them from up above, being able to see them playing and their stage presence was brilliant.

Not only do they deliver good music but also a great presence and contagious good vibes, a band that I have seen once, now twice and hopefully will see a third time because you can sing along, dance along and still want more once the show ends.

After the show ended I knew I had time to go outside, get some air and come back as I had a ticket with my seat, however, I kept thinking about how nice it would be to experience the atmosphere downstairs and complete this review with a double experience of seated and standing.

As the no is always guaranteed I headed to the main desk to ask if there was a chance to go to the standing area and for my luck and surprise, the staff was incredibly helpful and helped me make this review more energetic and vibrant.

Next thing I knew, I was downstairs, Kings of Leon were playing and I made my way closer to the stage and before I get into more details I can say for sure that Kings of Leon was one of the best concerts I have ever seen and heard because the way the crowd sang along to songs was not only breathtaking but gave me goosebumps.

Kings of Leon
Kings of Leon

Even the guitarists kept smiling and pushing for us to sing louder which was insane, I can’t believe that one single soul present there last evening wasn’t happy and extremely excited to be there.

Despite being a band that has been around for over 20 years, the age range at the concert was very good, from children to elders, families to friends. It was the ideal evening to get the week started.

The band performed one of the longest setlists I have experienced in recent concerts, with about 27 songs including the encore, but truth be told, they could’ve sung more and I would’ve stayed there the whole night.

They performed songs from their most recent album — Can We Please Have Fun — but couldn’t miss performing some of their greatest hits including Sex on Fire and Use Somebody.

Their last song before the encore — where they play pretend with the crowd and leave but then come back to end the iconic night — was Seen and that was a song I didn’t know before but I was hooked, by the graphics across the three screens, the people’s voice, the smoke, the lights, it was beautiful.

At the concert, the singer of the band formed of brothers and a cousin, which only creates a more wholesome vibe, said that the concert reminded him of home, so I believe they were all just as happy to be there as we were.

If I liked Kings of Leon before, I am now obsessed and I pretty much will be listening to them for the next few days and weeks, remembering the concert and smiling just as much as when I left Motorpoint Arena, inundated with happiness and good music.

Kings of Leon is one of those bands that everyone recognised one or two songs at least, however, listening to their albums and even better, going to their concerts, is definitely an experience worth living. — MT

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