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Plans to turn book into a hit sci-fi film


A carpenter who has written his first book hopes it will be picked up by producers and turned into a sci-fi film.

Chris McCleod, 43, of Fairfax Avenue, Newark, put pen to paper for It’s About Time: Quantum Hopes and has plans to write three sequels.

He said: “The basis of the book was something I thought about a few years ago — who would I save if I was able to go back in time?

“It would definitely have had to have been Jesus and I would have stopped him from being cruxified.

“My time travelling hero, Joe, does this. He makes a time machine, goes back in time and saves Jesus before he dies on the cross and brings him back to the present day.

“He does this as he has to battle to save earth and the cosmos.

“I have sent a couple of copies of the book to filmmakers with the hope that they think it will be a good idea for a film and make one.

“The book has taken me six months to write and six months to re-edit and will be available at the end of April.”

The book will be published through AuthorHouse UK and will be available at Waterstones, Amazon and through google search engines.

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